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Deutsche Flussspat is currently preparing official application documents for planning approval including an environmental impact assessment for the first-phase examination work in the Käfersteige mine, supported by several specialist consultancies.

As part of an early public participation process, all members of the public have the opportunity to be informed about and comment on the planning. We have compiled a summary information document of planned work, including the scope of the environmental impact assessment to be carried out prior tot he beginning of work, which can be downloaded below.

Please use this opportunity to get to know our project and planned work in more detail – we are happy to receive your comments and suggestions and will take them into account in the application process.

Comments/ suggestions can be sent to us in writing by post or via e-mail to by July 31st 2023.

The report can be downloaded here – we are looking forward to hearing from you:

DFG Projekt Kaefersteige Fruehe Oeffentlichkeitsbeteiligung mit Anlage